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JWP is the only political party of Pakistan came in rescue of christians and other religious communities in Pakistan under the able and couragious leadership of Nawab Mohammad Akber Khan Bughti,a prominent tribal chief of Bughti tribes of Balouchi
The leadership of Bughti is the soul

and spirit of JWP and its role in political system of Pakistan is so vital and

effective the no movement in restoration of democracy is complete in Pakistan.

Its based in Quetta the Provincial headquarters of Balouchistan. Balouchistan

being smaller in population have not brought JWP in power in centre but JWP

is always in power in Balouchistan. The smaller provinces like Sindh and NWFP

have been given chances to rule in center but Balouchistan is always neglected

due to Nawab Bughti, because its known that under his premiership no one shall

play arond with justice and rule of people, due to witch Nawab Bughti is kept away

and so is his province.Certain forces never appriciated his transparent adminstration

during his governship and rule in Balouchistan when he forced bureucracy to bow

down before the power of the people.

JWP is the first political party caring for the equal basic democratic rights of the

minorties in Pakistan witch proved his acts by nominating speakership and other

important ministries to minorty MPA of his party, during rule in Balouchistan. It

was due to Nawab Bughti, that missionary schools were not nationalised in the

Balouchistan in 1973.

In Balouchistan Province the distribution of liquor was completely banned on the

demand of minorties when this purely religioud demand was not even brought under

consideration in other provinces when christians have been protesting to put complete

ban as claimed by them that liquor is also prohibted in christianity.

The JWP have practically played an active and positive role to bring minorties to

equal citizen of the state and provide them equal rights in education and employment

that they may also enjoy the previlages os the state.

The JWP have not any minory wing like other major political parties of Pakistan, the

minorties wings only to use their bank vote to reach in centre but have given equal rights

in the party.