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Spiritual awakening is important part of Christian life. By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti

Spiritual awakening is most important part of Christian life according to the aligned of Lord Jesus Christ' teaching that assign human souls for commitment and refresh spirit to feel fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit (Ruach).

If Christian are not awaken, assigned and aligned according to His Holy Words promises then what they are worshiping for? Other nations have also knowledge about Bible and The Lord Jesus Christ. Christian life is assigned with main aligned of Lord Jesus Christ' teaching that awaken differently from old sinful nature where human had been suffering in the old sinful nature of Adam. Lord Jesus Christ came into this world with new assignment for human all of us to be new creature.

As Lord Jesus Christ' teaching is different than Old Testament prophet's teaching who forgives, forget, tolerance and grace. It is written that I will give my comfort, don’t be troubled, don’t be dishearten. It is complete authority, complete healing power (John 14: 27). I will did not give comfort as like world gives with benefits or for some interest. Don’t be like worldly flesh minded (Roman 12: 1 - 2)

In the age of Lord Jesus Christ, There was politician of Roman' King. They were working through the elected high priests who had been assigned for politics even in Sinhedrin (Scholar Groups). They apparently were spiritual leader for nations but inwardly they were supporters of politician to support their determinations (Matthew 23: 26). It means that they were not working for God of Hosts. Although they had seen miracles of Lord Jesus Christ as eye witness. But they stood against Lord Jesus Christ to crucify. Because god of world has blinded them (Matthew 15: 14, 2 Cor 4: 4).

A god of world has blinded so many elected and selected leaders in all ages even now with shining materialism and luxuries. As Devil tempted Lord Jesus Christ for worldly glory and riches. It does not mean that to prosper is not good. Prosperity from God is good always. But worldly leaders and people have same mind of flesh nature who worship only materialism and worldly luxuries. Nothing difference had been happened because of sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ for us. Even Lord Jesus Christ is a light of the world. But darkness of heart did not allow Lord Jesus Christ to work among them in their lives. Because god of world has blinded their eyes for wrong doing to follow world.

Great commission of Lord Jesus Christ has given to believers who are assigned in the commitment of Lord Jesus with proper teaching for awakening. World is full of materialistic teaching for luxuries. But Great commission is for special people for special purpose of salvation and peace of world to teach (John 15: 16). Only teacher can teach. Other people cannot make disciples (Matthew 28: 19). Other people who has no calling from Lord Jesus Christ to do His will, they like those seeds that are on road-side swollen by birds, those seeds that are under the thrones, and their growth had been stopped by tall trees. Tree represents difficulties and hardship. Double mind who is serving two masters cannot serve Lord God in nothing or something. Worldly teaching steals his peace and gets them back into their world of luxuries and sinful old nature.

Special people had been aligned in their commitment in nothing or something by God's divine supernatural provision. As Lord Jesus Christ said that look to birds, they did not sow and reap but your heavenly Father God feed them. Human is worthy than birds and especially those people who are chosen for special commitments. Lion's kid can be hungry but Beloved of God can be hungry for anything (Psalms 34:10). God provides them in their sleep (Deutro33: 12,). They had been weighted but they become cheap in weight.

Honesty is hateful thing for prosperity gospel preachers, false teachers and politician whose focus on money and materialism only. Worldly mind for money, glory, fame and luxuries was by Satan for Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ refused to bow before world glory, money and luxuries in front of devil. Bow before living God only.

A group of wicked had been in all ages for spreading rumor against truth to make them slave of their negative thoughts. Otherwise there was no good and gentle personality like Lord Jesus Christ who had been crucified because of plots of politician and high priests with denominational mind but not Christ- mind. Who came for giving salvation and peace to human mind where human had been always in the condition of battle of mind? These kinds of groups are still online who stop provision of righteous by spreading wrong information through fake teachers who have no commitment but greed for lust and money.

They hate Christ mind among people, they oppose Christ minds. Who can be like Christ mind? They try to make false statement of Lord Jesus Christ, You will do great work than me (John 14: 12). Even Apostle said that Be like as i am trying to be like Christ mind. How wicked are thoughts and plans, who are making good as evil and good as evil for their purposes and glory (Isaiah 5: 20).

They did not allow funds to be their heads as provider - gods to do His Holy words promises who are walking by faith not by sight on preplanned projects. Even they are on same faith but so called. It is surprising but it is truth. They are fighting for their glory and fame. They think that nobody can have Christ mind in this world. But they are trying to make wrong statement that said by Lord Jesus Christ, You will do great work than me (John 14:12). In fact, they tried to steal God's authority (Luke 10:19) that had been given to special people who are walking by faith not by sight.

Why they pollute spirit of righteousness? They are working on project on Anti - Christ for wickedness. Because it is written in His Holy Words, It will be done not by power but by spirit (Zech 4:6) Said by Lord of Heavenly Armies, mountains will be leveled on the ground. This is Spiritual warfare, righteous will have to fight good fight of faith within themselves inwardly and outwardly power of wickedness. “No one can receive anything unless it has been given to them from heaven" (John 3: 27). We always ask His mercy and grace in all condition to good and bad days and are thankful in every condition. He will never leave us nor forsake us. They consider to have mind of Christ is like alien because of their flesh mind orientation and formation.