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Spiritual Warfare: By Bishop Dr. Farhad Bhatti

Jesus Christ is same, yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hebrew 13: 8). This verse has long history of 6000 years. Jesus is God, Jesus said that i am in Father and Father is in me. This teaching was also preached by Apostle Paul that Don’t you know that Holy Spirit dwell within you (1 Cor 3:16). God is Spirit. Spirit cannot feel with flesh. Jesus said that when two or three are gathered in mighty name, I will be among them. It explains verse by verse.

Now we will see context of verse (Hebrew 13: 8). JESUS in English - Yeshua in Greek, Yah' shua is Hebrew languages was, is and Will be forever more. If we see geneology of Lord Jesus Christ, He is Lion of Judua, Jew. His Father and Mother was Jews. Mother Mary is sacred women in the Holy Bible. She is Jew women who receive Holy Spirit.

Now most of Christian are ignorant from roots of Christ, There is no fault in Bible and God. It is people’s faults and leader's fault who did doesn’t want to learn and teach truth. Christian is because of Christ. If Christian rejected Christ who is same yesterday, today and tomorrow. They should think and see their fault. It is not easy job to find fault in him but to condemn any one is very easy job. Because Satan is god of world ( 1 John 5: 19) who captured minds, thoughts to get them into materialistic spirit, luxuries, self - glory and power.

They did condemn Jesus Christ before 2000 Years and crucify Him for their greed, selfishness due to high priest's pleasure and glory. Because high priest was in hurry to praise themselves, their wisdom, their plans and schemes to change the Plan of God Almighty for the salvation of humanity with politics. It happens in the Garden of Eden. Satan came to pollute the Plan of God for human being. Jesus is Lion of Judua who become lamb as written about Him according to prophesies of Prophets (Isaiah 53).

It does not mean that Lord Jesus Christ could not save himself from persecution, plans of high priest, roman politician; they did plan it in hurry for their glory. They did hire disciple of Lord Jesus Christ to spy and trap Lord Jesus Christ. Disciple is like son (John 1: 12). It means that demonic people who loves their glory, power and luxuries, they did plan all in hurry to persecute Lord Jesus Christ.

History repeats itself again and again. Whenever people did not like those people who keep Lord Jesus Christ Messiah in thier lives, families and church. But politicians and powerful rulers did not like anyone against their thoughts and plans. They crucify the Spirit of Lord Jesus Christ from anyone life like me humble. They trap and grab everything from them with tricks and snares with their manpower and politics. Disciple who betrays Lord Jesus Christ for money. there are so many who become disciples to betray only. It is materialistic world, fastest world of electronic Media and technologies where people did not trust in God but they trust in manly wisdom and money than God.

Mind blowing, thought provoking and spiritual empowerment and discernment is that If Lord Jesus Christ had been trapped who is fully man and fully God. What we are human who tries to have mind of Christ. But i am sorry to say but it is eternal truth that denominational Christian or Anti-Christ spirits and apostate people never want anyone to keep the mind of Christ. They want to prove themselves as powerful as God's glory and God's wisdom. If they had brought Lord Jesus Christ into anger when traders were doing trade in His Father's house. Then these traders became cause of crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ with help of high priests and His disciple who was like son.

In these last days, when whole world is going to be into tribulation period because of High priests, chairman of communities and rulers. if they did not repent from their sins. Because Lord Jesus Christ said that there is no any other sign of destruction for whole world except sign of Jonah until they did not repent (Matthew 12: 39).

"And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: every tree therefore which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire" (Luke 3: 9).

The Gospel of Saint Luke Clearly explained the word of Lord Jesus Christ. Cut down that tree that did not gives good fruits. Human represents Tree, Lord Jesus Christ symbolically used tree that stands for human. If human are relative or unknown, high priests or any clergies of Leaderships of religions. All of them are same in the eyes of God. If someone is not doing his duty according to the commitment. If his duty is fruitless as good human - tree. They must be cut down.

If someone is on judgement, advocacy, Administration and management seats but they did not do justice who are under their control or given under their control with injustice by high priests and higher posts. If they do work for their own benefits to establish their own kingdom in the Kingdom of Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. They must be cut down. If they are leading spiritual leadership into the physical flesh works against someone's commitment and vision for hiding their desires, benefits and facts from real ones. They should be cut down. If someone becomes ruler and supervisor with injustice, they do not do justice with their profession, they must be cut down.

God wants to see everyone' good fruit to do with each other. Our Lord Jesus Christ left ninety-nine sheep to save one sheep that was lost. He taught us this lesson to do in our practical life to bring forth good fruits of our Lord' teaching, may people know by your deeds and characters that we are disciple of Christ. But if someone has mentality of deceiving fellow leaders or someone for his greed, positions of high priest and highest position. They destroy the image of Christ being Christian. They must be cut down because of their bad fruits. They might show bulk of rotten fruits because of their corrupt mentally and corrupt leadership.

If their fruit is not good for righteousness that should be cut down. Lord Jesus Christ basically taught us to do our part of duty as follower of Christ. Because everyone can bring fruits according to his commitment relatively, professionally or religiously and politically. These kind of rotten fruits had destroyed the image of Christ among other nations in the world for their corrupt mentality.