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Spiritual Awakening. By Bishop Dr. Farhad S. Bhatti

I would like to share with you about my great grief, burden for humanity' peace. Because Lord Jesus Christ came into this World as human to give us example as complete human sinless and complete God as Prince of Peace. It is written in John 1: 4 In HIM was life that life was light of human but darkness did not comprehend Him.

As I have friends in Muslim and Jews who Honor our Lord Jesus Christ, In my search and research work of different faiths studies for last many years. i did not celebrate Christmas few years of searching even i belong to Christian family. It is written in His Holy Words Luke 24: 45. God opens mind and close mind of human to understand or ignore truth. As we see that these days are going into Tribulation period - End time. If human are greedy, selfish, pride, lustful, selfish desires to make their own groups to eat rights of fellow human, block basic needs of innocent by imposing personal ideology than to take care of fellow human. No-one can win hearts of human with brutal acts.

Then all faiths will be failed because of tricks of devil who is for destruction as written Devil comes to steal and destroy only (John 10: 10). But Jesus comes to give living eternal life. It is my humble request to all faiths that world had stepped forward to be astray in worldwide war. When wicked people were asking about signs of world' END TIME by Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ said that there will not an other sign except Prophet Jonah (Mathew 12: 39) by repentance. Now it is choice of human that if you want to be part of destruction of world as follower of devil or if you want to be good believer of God Almighty who is creator of Heaven and Earth who loves human, who created human on His image in all faiths.

If someone want to keep a crown of thrones on the day of Christmas at someone' heads to crucify someone. You can imagine what kind of faith he/she has, what kind of prophet or GOD, they present. All prophets had been warning people to be righteous and obedient to God not religion's faiths and doctrines. Even Prophet Isaiah explained to human' religious festivals (Isaiah 1 : 13). Why God dislike this Eids where human persecute and steal peace of fellow human for selfish desires and groups

It is commandment of God, Love your Lord with all your heart and mind and soul. To be happy on days of religious days and festivals, It is personal rights of all individuals. If someone still want to create differences, Then How peace will come in hearts with differences? God demands only righteousness from all faiths of religions, God want to see peace. Now it is human' choice, they want to keep peace or disharmony among religion' faiths and differences because of little bit difference or how someone celebrate.

If you want to differ anything from fellow human that is only righteousness because devil has led all faiths into flesh system of unrighteousness, lust, personal benefits by creating discrimination. To practice someone faith is personal rights. This is sin and disobedience to God when human hurt fellow human for his personal's glory and benefits by considering fellow human as slaves.

All human are creation of God, Now there is so many denominations, sects of religions. God did not create one. It is all according to Prophets' teaching and followers followed them. There is no prophet who said to kill fellow human or impose your personal flesh interest or lust or righteousness or faith on anyone. These are wicked groups and people who did in history, it is still going on. That is why, God had been sending prophets to warn people about END TIME. If world did not obey God in the age of Prophet Noah. All of them had been died except Prophet Noah' family. If someone human says to hold that he is righteous one than fellow human religions. It means that they are trying to cheat God's Holy Words who sent Prophets time to time for all human guidance. Even in the Christianity, Prophesy is still going on ( Joel 2: 28, Act 2: 17).

Note, Human is not perfect. Only God is perfect. Forgive each other for peace and remove a little bit differences. Win heart of fellow human with respects not terror by grabbing rights.