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Women Rights are Human Rights. By Jeffrey Imm

R.E.A.L. applauds the many women's groups who seek to promote a voice for women's human rights that seek to demonstrate peacefully today or any day. But we also know how little women's rights have seen such public activism over the past 8 years, and urge that women's right activists be honest about this with themselves.

We have seen the global genocide against women continue and increase around the world over the past 8 years. We have seen genocide after genocide of women around the world, in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya, in Nigeria, and continue in Darfur and the Congo, and many other places. But we have seen mostly silence in terms of activism by too many women's rights groups on these and other real attacks on women, their lives, and their dignity. When women are burned alive in the streets, when women are openly and regularly sold as SLAVES on social media, we have not seen this "solidarity" among women's groups that we see for today's protest.

The reality is, over the past 8 years of the previous administration, have seen a lot of persecution of women. Those who have protested at the Obama White House know this is true. We have seen not one bit of positive movement for the Equal Rights Amendment - NONE. I know because I saw the lobbying for it, and the previous administration simply waved airy words, while women's Constitutional Equality got nowhere. Those who struggled and sacrificed for women's Constitutional Equality know this is the truth. In terms of attacks on women of color, rape, and other problems for women domestically, we saw 25,000,000 women in poverty largely ignored, while women of color were openly persecuted. This includes a woman in the Washington DC area, Natasha McKenna, who was electrocuted to death by abusive members of law enforcement. The U.S. Department of Justice promised to investigate this to me personally in writing, after R.E.A.L.'s extensive activism on the violation of her Constitutional rights, but as we have seen so often, they did nothing. Terrorists murdered women from across U.S. seemed to able to strike with impunity to kill and cripple women, while U.S. officials dithered over not offending extremists, rather than challenging the ideologies and working to prevent their acts. During the last administration, as part of its foreign policy strategies, we saw a massive GENOCIDE of Yazidi, Christian, Shiite Muslim women, when such women were openly SOLD as human slaves. Women from Sudan saw President Obama ease and then end sanctions on this notorious human rights violating nation, responsible for the GENOCIDE of African women in Darfur. In Nigeria, young Muslim and Christian girls are regularly kidnapped, and used as suicide bombers or human slaves by Boko Haram, which has even kidnapped entire villages of girls and women.

R.E.A.L. is a non-partisan volunteer group. R.E.A.L. urges that the struggle for women's rights include diverse people, with supporters from different political parties. It is my opinion, having seen the evidence of history, we will not make real and effective progress on women's right simply through a partisan campaign. President Trump has literally just been inaugurated. We need to work for the struggle for women's rights based on real and tangible issues, and there are many of these, rather than simply a political partisan division, which will continue to fail to unite our people to really make CHANGE.