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THE PERSONS OR NATIONS WHO HAVE THE PROBLEM OF HUNGER WILL DO ANYTHING TO FEED THEMSELVES We have an old saying that a hungry man is always an angry man. This saying is applicable to individuals as well as to nations. In other words, as long as th
All those people and countries who face hunger will do anything to feed themselves -- they may beg, borrow or steal. This state of affairs will give rise to formation of terrorist groups, to armament and proliferation of nuclear weapons. To advise such nations to refrain from buying nuclear technology is like living in a fool's paradise. Therefore, to create a permanent peace in the world, it is imperative to solve the problem of hunger first.

Abolishment of hunger is not only in the interest of world peace, it is also justifiable ethically, morally and religiously. All the world religions and leaders support this concept.

If the rich nations want to live in peace and security, it is in their interest to abolish hunger from starving countries. The presence of hunger will continue creating conflicts and tensions in the world.




It has become clear now the underfed as well as the overfed suffer simultaneously under the present system that is responsible for creating them. Whereas malnutrition is the major cause of most deaths in poor nations, it is overfeeding which causes deaths in rich countries. Overfeeding causes heart troubles and cancer in many cases.

It is in the interest of rich nations to abolish poverty if they want to increase the number of purchasers of their commodities in the world. Poverty-stricken nations will have no money to buy them. According to one estimate, forty percent of the people on the globe are not purchasers, because they lack money to buy them. This exposes the hollowness of the present system of distribution. What is the use of producing commodities, while only forty percent of the world population can buy them. To nourish poor people and to enable them to work harder to make more money is definitely in the interest of the producing countries because this way they can create purchasers of their goods.

It has been estimated that the gap between the food available to rich and poor will widen in the next few decades if the present trends continue. The growing poverty will create a situation more obviously in which grain-producing countries will use food as a weapon or means to exploit the world, which will certainly increase a danger to world peace. It will cause more tension and conflicts among peoples, and will continue destroying efforts of the leaders who are doing their utmost to maintain peace and order in the world. Abolishment of hunger is certainly a right step towards the world peace. It will create a pleasant and cordial atmosphere for all.



No one can buy nor sell

the blessings of the skies

the warmth of the valleys.

No one can buy

nor sell

the freedom of the winds

the grace of the lakes

the dignity of the palm trees

the mystery of the oceans

the sobriety of the jungles

and the songs of the seasons.

No one can buy

nor sell

the fragrance of the flowers

that is a friend of the universe ;

and the inter-dependence

of all animals, nations and nature

who form a family with humans

and who breathe

the same air

under the same canopy.


Stephen Gill