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UK brands Monsoon and Accessorize open new store in biggest mall of Islamabad

Islamabad: May 10, 2018. (PCP) A new franchise of the UK’s leading retailers Monsoon and Accessorize in the Centaurus Mall, Islamabad, has been opened today by the British Deputy High Commissioner Richard Crowder.

With two shops in one, the new Monsoon and Accessorize store caters mainly to young girls with a large variety of clothes and bags. An accompanying range of children’s footwear is also available.

The shop is operated by Team A Ventures, and it is their eleventh store in Pakistan.

The British Deputy High Commissioner Richard Crowder said: “I was delighted to open Monsoon and Accessorize in the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad. These are two quality UK brands that are known around the world for young, dynamic clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags. They will be a welcome addition for young shoppers in Islamabad.

“Team A Ventures is tapping into Pakistan’s growing youth market and growing middle class. UK brands, goods and services are recognized across Pakistan for their quality, their design. We are looking forward to seeing more and more UK brands introduced to the growing Pakistani market.”

Monsoon and Accessorize are lifestyle brands that enrich everyday life with natural beauty, positivity and endless discovery. The idea behind the brand is connecting contemporary designs with a network of craftspeople, creating unique collections to be cherished.

Over 120 British companies are currently operating in Pakistan.