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66 years of service recognized by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Islamabad: May 14, 2018. (PCP) The British Empire Medal has been awarded posthumously to Mr Channu Pervaiz on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by the British High Commissioner Thomas Drew. This award recognises the 66 years of dedicated service that Mr Pervaiz worked for the British officer at the Pakistan Army Command and Staff College in Quetta.

Mr Channu Pervaiz’ son, Aslam Pervaiz, his brothers, Ashraf and Azeem Pervaiz, and his sister, Yasmeen Azzem, travelled from Quetta to receive the award at the British High Commission in Islamabad.

The British High Commissioner Thomas Drew said: “I am delighted to award this medal on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Mr Pervaiz’s devotion, expertise and hard work were central to the well-being of a very long succession of UK students at the Staff College in Quetta. Throughout his employment, Channu’s loyalty and dedication were unwavering.

The British Army has sent officers to study at the Pakistan Army Command and Staff College in Quetta since the creation of Pakistan in 1947. This is a testament to the strength of our two countries’ relationship.”

Mr Channu Pervaiz passed away in July 2017. The British Empire Medal – formally known as the British Empire Medal for Meritorious Service – is a British medal awarded for meritorious civil or military service worthy of recognition.