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Supreme Court to hear Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani’s plea

Islamabad: October 28, 2015. (PCP) Supreme Court of Pakistan will hear the Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani’s plea on Wednesday, as Case No. 1 at Bench No. 4. According to sources, the MNA of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (N), has submitted two petitions this week regarding the implementation of the rights of minorities, in which he termed the victimization of Hindu community, particularly living in Sindh and Balochistan provinces as clear discrimination of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Dr. Ramesh Vankwani, who also serves the patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council, personally appealed to the Supreme Court for the early recovery of a Hindu lady, Mrs. Vidya, resident of City Vinder, District Lasbela, Balochistan, who was recently abducted along with her two daughters. “Few days ago, the husband of Vidya came to know that his wife and daughters are living in a Madarasa, known as Jamali Madarasa, located in Balochistan” Dr. Ramesh Vankwani wrote in the petition, while adding that due to delay of the Hindu Marriage Act Bill, a number of such cases are being rising across the country.

In another petition, he also submitted the list of about 36 cases of forced conversions, rape, murder, kidnapping, temple attacks and robbery for last two months in province Sindh. According to the list, 8 cases were Forced Conversions, 15 were Rape cases, 3 were Murder cases, and 8 were Kidnapping while one Temple attack case and one Robbery was reported.

The Supreme Court has fixed the case to also hear other matters that Dr. Ramesh Vankwani, mentioned in his petitions, which were related to 5% Job Quota, curriculum, Hindu Gymkhana, Task Force for the protection of non-Muslim religious places, and Laxmi Narain Temple issue, etc.