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By Shakeel Inayat.

Why do we commemorate the Christmas and what is purpose of Christmas. Why do we spend a lot of money on buying gifts and clothing's? We can answer all these questions by quoting Jesus Christ. This is day when a savior was born in the midst of ignoran
There is written in the Bible that no one can enter to heaven with out me because I am the way. Jesus showed us a true path of life and salvation in the midst of misery and tribulation. All the followers of Jesus Christ commemorate the X-MAS because Jesus was born at that day. Jesus makes us free from the slavery of Satan's.

We all need to ponder over what he had done for us and how can we prepare ourselves to hail him. Jesus life is full of miracles and good deeds. He gave the lesson of love and service to us so that by keeping the commandments of Jesus Christ we can return to our heavenly father. So people have different opinions about this topic. Some consider it as a day of eating and some feel the spirit of God. Every body should contemplate what could we do to grasp the real meaning Of Christmas?

The real message of Christmas is to love and service to others and how can we love and serve others. Jesus showed a beautiful example of love and service by washing the feet of hid disciples. It is the time when we need to repent upon our sins with sincere heart. Pay our tithing, charity and help the poor by providing them food and shelter. This is the time when we need to bow our heads before our God and ask to him for his guidance and assistance in daily life. Think about our past and learn what mistakes we made and what we ought to do to create a relation with our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This is time to feel the spirit the God.

In my opinion the real message of Christmas is to follow the Jesus Christ by keeping his gospel and scripture. The Christmas does not mean to entertainment of worldly things. It is time to feel the spirit of God and Jesus because Jesus is the way of life and salvation.