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Impatiens friend to hold International moot on blasphemy laws in New York. Nisar Khan.

New York. May 14, 2002. Nisar Khan organizer of impatiens friends has announced to hold an international seminar on Blasphemy laws, Terrorism. Christian Feudalism.
Blasphemy law, Present crisis in the Pakistani Christian Society and to discuss where is the Pakistani Christian Society today? What role has the church Played in the development of the Christian Education, Character and Spiritual life? What role has the school and colleges played in the development of the Christian Society? Where do we stand, to meet the Challenge of the 21st Century? The venue shall be at Dix Hills Evangelical Free Church, Long Island. New York in September 2002. A special session shall hold discussion on Women Issues. Can the Women play a dominant role in the Christian society? Where are the Christian women today and is she able to accept the challenge of the 21st Century? How adaptive is the Christian society in America and Canada, what role has the women played in the development?

Mr. Nisar Khan Have requested all the participants that have or will be receiving this important information on the current Topics, to advise with the Potential Candidates, that would like to Participate, and have the necessary background, to talk on such subjects, please be advised that, every thought counts, towards a Productive Impatiens Society.