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PACC and PCA leaders on joint efforts in North America.

New York. July 28.The leaders of Pakistani American Christian coalition (PACC) and Pakistani Christians Association in North America (PCA) in a meeting here to day concluded to launch joint efforts for oppressed Christian nation in Pakistan.
The PACC delegation comprised of its senior leaders Hameed Gill, Anwar Saddique and prominent Christian parliamentarian ex member of Punjab provincial assembly Begum Raj Hameed Gill, where as the PCA, the president of association Mr. Ayub, chairman William Shahzad and VP Wilson Edger, led delegation. In this joint session convened by Mr. Nisar Khan, the chief of impatient friends, at his residence at Long Islands NY the community leaders Mr. Sardar Dean, Mr. Norris And Mr. Nasir along with many other community observers to watch this ever first effort to unite different Christian groups in the vast national interests.

The representatives of PACC, based head office in Philadelphia, informed the successful merger of Christian groups active in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey states in the coalition and presented the invitation to NY based PCA in this joint venture.

The PCA president assured the Coalition leaders that PCA shall join hand in this joint struggles. Mr. Nisar Khan served the dinner to the Christian leaders.