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MPAC Condemns Recent Anti-Christian Attacks in Pakistan

Washington D.C., August 9, 2002. The Muslim Public Affairs Council condemns the grenade attack on a missionary hospital near Islamabad, Pakistan, which killed four people and wounded as many as twenty. MPAC abhors the recent spate of anti-Christian
Executive Director of MPAC, Salam Al-Marayati, said of the attacks, Violence against civilians is deplorable and wrong, and especially distressing when it is directed against people specifically because of their religious belief. All religious leaders, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and others, must stand up and register their protest when any such violence takes place.

On a separate but related point, MPAC is very disappointed that a statement that was to be issued by Congress regarding the late-February, early March massacre in Gujarat, India has been stalled by the Hindu lobby in the United States. The Gujarat Massacre killed as many as 2,000 Muslims and displaced hundreds of thousands with the complicity of the local BJP government, who provided documents to the murderers that pointed out Muslims homes and businesses and stood by idly as the massacre occurred.