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C O N F E R E N C E 2 0 0 2

PHILADELPHIA: The preparation for Conference 2002 is in its full swing and Christian League is grateful to all organizations and individuals who have been working whole-heartedly for its success. We are also thankful to all who have been helping us t
FIRST SESSION: Washington D.C. September 4, 2002 (9am to 1pm) Capital Hill, Rayburn Building, Room: 2105 (By invitation only.)

9am to 12 Noon: A Symposium on the Persecution of Christians in Pakistan. Joe Grieboski, President, Institute of Religion and Public Policy will be the MC for this event. Various Senators, Congressmen, their Staffers and many other human rights activists and NGOs will be speaking on this occasion. Lunch will be served between the hours of 12 Noon to 1pm.

SECOND SESSION: Philadelphia, Days Inn Stadium, Saturday September 7, 2002 (8am to 1pm) (By invitation only.)

8am to 9am: Breakfast

9am to 12Noon: Human Rights Activists Session: A Solution of Persecution.

MCs: S. P. Mall & Robin Gill

Various Pakistani human rights activists will be speaking on this occasion and a resolution will be passed about the persecution of Christians in Pakistan. All major Pakistani Christian political groups will be participating.

12 Noon to 1pm: Lunch

FINAL SESSION: Philadelphia, Cardinal Dougherty School, 64th Ave. & 2nd. Street, Saturday September 7, 2002, 6pm to 9pm (Open to public)

Second International Human Rights Conference: 6pm to 830pm

Key speakers:

Ann Buwalda: Attorney at Law in VA and Director USA Jubilee Campaign (UK)

Joseph Grieboski: President, Institute of Religion and Public Policy.

Shahbaz Bhatti: President: Christian Liberation Front and Chairman All Pakistan Minorities Alliance.

M.L.Shahani: Former Pakistani judge and Christian advocate for Pakistan's Supreme Court.

Robert A. Seiple: Former Ambassador at large. (Chief Guest)

All speakers will focus on the development of religious tolerance and repeal of blasphemy law from Pakistan. The resolution passed in the earlier session will also be announced in this historic Conference of 2002.

830pm to 9pm: DINNER

Looking forward to meeting with you all.