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Pakistani Counsel General in Canada clarifies and discusses Christian rights with Dr. Rashid Gill

Toronto. October 23. Today the Pakistani Counsel General in Toronto Mr. Ghalib Iqbal telephoned Rev. Dr. Rashid Gill, The Light bearer of Christ Church International Pastor of Pakistani origin and informed him the government point of view on the rece
Your invitation is great and an honor for me. I would love to see you but I strongly feel that it would be more than appropriate if you could kindly give statement in the media to clarify the government's position for the benefit of all Christian community. Hopefully, this way the Christian community will also become aware of the official stances of Pakistani government. I believe that there are many lost and confused souls like me who are not aware of the Christian community status in our Pakistani government".

Issuing press note here today on his discussion with Pak Counsel The Reverend added that "As I discussed with you over the phone, we are intending to invite you officially to give us your clarification on the matter and would like to request you to let me know a convenient time and date for you to attend a proposed meeting in the month of November 2002. I shall be waiting for your reply"

It's learned that Pak council shall soon extend the Government of Pakistan view in reception in his honor by the community soon.