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PCA and PACC to hold Christmas dinners.

New York. November 18. Different organizations and churches in USA have announced the programmes of Christmas celebrations. The Pakistan Christian Association in North America PCA in a well-attended meeting of executives decided to hold the Christmas
This announcement wad made by PCA chairman William Shahzad, President Ayub Salvastin, Leaders Jaleel Masih and Jacob Buksh here in a press note today here. Like previous years, the prominent Pakistani Artists shall also participate in the cultural programme of PCA this year also before the dinner in honor of PCA members and Christians living in Tri state area.

Mean while the PACC, The Pakistani American Christian Collation based in Philadelphia shall hold the Christmas dinner on January 4, 2003 in honor of Christians living in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia states. PACC president Earnest Gulab, Chairman Manzoor Alam, VP Alfereda Gill, Advisors Hamid Gill and Anwar Siddique, made this announcement.