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Happy New Year from Asian Commission for Justice and Development.

Philadelphia. December 29. Mr. Cornelius Mohsin, Executive Director, Asian Commission for Justice and Development - USA in message on New Year Have Said that " We are about to enter in Year 2003, God have made us live through Year 2002 not because we were better human being than those who passed away, but it shows His grace, mercy, love and hope that we have still better things to do for us, our families and for others who are in need."

"For last ten years we have been involved in frustrating struggle to help persecuted Christians of Pakistan in our own way and style but situation remained the same, all of our collective hard work could not help create a better life for Christians of Pakistan. That mean only one thing to me at least, either we are not burdened enough or we are imprecise."

"Let us take a fresh start in coming New Year, asking God to accept our endeavor, if He accept it, we can use our strengths and weaknesses and turn them into collective might for His glory and His people".

May God bless you with a thriving New Year.