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Beth Rihm, a Fellow Templars passed away in road accident. PCP. Report.

Georgia. March 15. Miss Beth Rihm, a fellow Templar was killed in an automobile accident during the early morning hours of March 14. She would have been 21 years of age on April 13th.

Miss Beth Rihm was a college student in Milledgeville, Georgia. She had been at a friend's apartment only a block or two from her own. One other female student had had a little too much to drink, and was sick, and Beth was there to help her and get her cleaned up. Then Beth did a load of laundry and loaded the clothes in her car.

It was around 2:30 a.m. As she drove through one particular intersection, her Saturn was broadsided by a sheriff's deputy car driving at a high rate of speed. The sheriff's deputy was supposedly "responding to an accident." The deputy's car hit her so hard that it knocked her car across the intersection and halfway up a tree on the other side. There are estimates that the sheriff's car was traveling over 70 mph as it went through residential areas mostly populated by college students.

Beth had not had any alcoholic beverages to drink that night. She was observing her sorority's rule against drinking during "rush week." She was also a devout Catholic, and was observing Lenten disciplines.

Brother and Knight Templar James Reese in a message have condoled the sudden death of Beth Rihm with her parents David and Sally Rihm, and her surviving sisters, Kate and Ashely. Mr. Reese has requested all the churches of Knights Templar members to put Beth on the prayer of their families too.

Meanwhile Mr. Nazir s Bhatti, KTGP of Grand Priory of Pakistan has also expressed his feeling of sorrows to the family of Beth Rihm on this death.