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“Theater is passion in my life” Rohit Trehan of Radio Salaamnamaste talks in an interview with Yaqoob Yohanna

Dallas; June 10, 2007. Rohit Trehan is actor and community worker in Dallas city of Texas State where Indo-Pak community is settled in very big numbers. This southern city remains focal point of visiting cultural teams from sub-continent and Rohit can be seen on most of the stages of entertainment events.

Mr. Yaqoob Yohanna, Bureau Chief of Pakistan Christian Post interviewed Mr. Rohit Trehan who is integral part of Radio Salaamnamaste based in Dallas.

This Radio Station is very popular among every one in Southern USA. The popularity of Radio Salaamnamaste can be imagined when you can hear it being played in homes, cars, cabs and restaurants of Indians and Pakistanis. Ultimately, Rohit is also very popular and well known in public who hosts talk shows and other programs on this Radio Station.

Here is brief Interview of PCP with Rohit but we shall present more about him in near future:

Q: What’s name of your Radio Station?

A: Name of the radio station where I work is Salaamnamaste which can be heard on Internet at

Q: On which frequency people can reach to this Radio Station?

A: Frequency: 104.9 FM and it is Local Dallas Radio Station

Q: will you introduce yourself for our readers?

A: My name: Rohit Trehan

Q: Are you married Mr. Rohit

A: I don not want you to mention that.

Q: When you and why you joined radio?

A: I join the radio in Dec 2006, I joined radio because radio is the medium through which you can influence many people. I wanted to be at such a position wherein I could come in and make a difference in lives of others.

Q: What is ambition of your life?

A: To bring a smile on anyone who comes in touch with me.

Q: Had you any prior experience in telecommunication or radio networking?

A: No

Q: Mr Rohit, Any motivating incident in your life which was also a turning point?

A: When I was in class 5 my class teacher commented that I will not be able to speak properly because I used to stutter and stammer while speaking. That incidence made me work really hard on my speech. As a result I started participating in a lot of extra-curricula activities in and outside school. I was judged the Best-All-Rounder in class 10 because I excelled in sports, studies and extra-curricular activities.

Q: What is your passion in life ?

A: Theater.

Q: What is your experience in theater?

A: I was judged the Best Actor in school from class 6-12 every year. I also did commercial productions in New Delhi

Q: What are your other activities in life? I

A: I work for Nokia. I also volunteer through the Art of Living Foundation (a non-profit organization)

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

A: I do not know where because I don`t plan too ahead in time. But wherever I am I will continue serving people.

Q: Do you think money is important in life?

A: I think it is very important in life. You need money to survive today but you have to be careful not to let money rule your life, rather you should rule money.