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Health worker slaughtered by her brothers on suspicion of prostitution

SARGODHA: August 25, 2008. (Khadijah Shah reports) A sister was slaughtered by two brothers for contradictory reaction to dismiss from her job. In Chak No 88 NB, Sargodha, Nazia Masih, the daughter of Ashraf Masih, was a Lady Health Visitor (LHV) in the district hospital. Her two brothers had doubt on her character.

They believed that she had a physical relation with some unknown man and thought that due to the reason of her vocation she can get a chance of involving in prostitution. Due to this, her two brothers Munawar Masih and Nasir Masih first of all tried to stop her through oppression but then they butchered her with knives.

The father of Nazia Masih filed a case against his sons and the investigation began. But still the criminals are wandering free. She had three brothers and one of them is ASI in police. ROD learnt it from the resources that there is settlement between the father and the sons. He will exonerate them after two or three months and they'll be freed. The drama of lodging the case was played to deceive others. In Constitution of Pakistan if the parents of the victim forgive the murderers they will be set free.