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772 women murdered in the name of honour and family disputes within 6 months in Pakistan: ROD

According to different organizations working for women's rights in Pakistan there is no decrease in the frequency of honour killings in the country.

BBC reported that according to a survey conducted by Aurat Foundation in the last 6 months 225 women were murdered in different cities after decreeing them KARO KARI (woman who has been proved to have illicit relations). According to survey the tradition of honour killing is given different names in different parts of the country but the tradition's basic rule is the same everywhere (women are killed by just putting this heinous allegation).

Survey report of Aurat Foundation also reveals that in last 6 months, 722 women were killed for other domestic reasons beside honour killings.

According to a representative of a daily, 'Express' (an Urdu newspaper) in last 9 months of 2008, 2039 women became victim to violence. Out of these 107 were killed by close relatives. 95 murdered by their own brothers, fathers or husbands in the name of honour. 78 women, after losing every hope in life, committed suicide. 359 women were subjected to domestic violence. 317 women were abducted and 264 nwere raped. 48 daughters of Eve were victim of acid attack and 53 were put on fire after sprinkling kerosene oil or petrol.