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P. E. A Pakistan Evangelistic Association, Mr. Pervaiz Masih Khokhar shares his vision.

To safe thousands of people who die with out knowing God and his forgiveness, from the fire of the hell. The voice of God in which there is a deep love, passion and great attraction. It is a hope for disappoints. Still now a days people are waiting for the savior which will come and save them from the burden of disappointment. People are waiting for such a healer that would heal there wounded souls. And tell good news to those people who are dying with knowing the great salvation of our lord Jesus Christ. And listen the word that he had spoken to save them from the slavery of sin and death and lead them to the path of salvation and to create inspiration in their hearts to love God and to follow the path that Jesus shown us and bring the good news and word of Jesus to his people with the help holy Ghost which guide us and protect us and to get help from the evangelical world churches, organization and institute certain group and individual which has vision God fellowship and agree to this matter. So that he large number of people would know God that the great community of God loving people would follow and strategize with the whole body of Christ for most productive ministry of evangelism and for coming of Jesus Christ.


To follow the word of Jesus Christ.

To save the unsaved people.

To give hope to disappoints.

To spread the good news who never heard that before.

To motivate the God loving people for Evangelism.


Door to door preaching / operation mobilization.

To develop prayer group and training center.

To preach the church.

To develop a prayer homes, book centers and libraries.

Free holy bible literature.

Provide free food to others.


v Fellowship, prayer and preaching conferences.

v Training camps.

v Work ship.

v Bible study seminars and others.


v To follow the word of Jesus Christ which is not an easy task to a single person or organization but is our duty to participate in it with different ways and method.


v Join the P.E.A fellowship group and become our partners in pray network and committed to pray regularly for us.


All who are involved in a significant Evangelism ministry should contact us to participate in the conference.


All Christian arrange programmes to collect funds by helping

Themselves our income sources program.

1. Tithes

2. Donations

3. Funds

You can sponsors this Ministry.

You can also sponsor any program.

You can give Bible literature.

You can also tell other about our Ministry.

You can provide food to the poor people through this



P.E.A working for the last command of our lord to spread his words and we are committed to obey the great commission ,knowing that word evangelization is fresh in every generation faithfulness in obedience in ultimate success. We gather to renew our commitment to be his occupational force in the harvest "UNTIL HE COMES".


Eternal truths abide throughout ages and into the new millennium.

There for P.E.A is committed and we affirm and build upon the solid foundation that the Bible is Gods authoritative word to us that Jesus Christ is the only way to God .That all may come to Christ by repentance and faith, and that his promise is sure,

"I will come again and receive you to my self" (JOHN 14:3)


Latest technologies multiply rapidly,

Leading into complex strategies that must be matched by compassionate, human vessel alive to the vital challenges of diversity with love and gentleness. The communication age offer us the brightest hope ever for fulfillment of the great commission. The world situation grows more complex and volatile each day. For those with faith in God, there is a sense of certainty in these uncertain times. But for those without, there is only chaos.


It is our privilege and responsibility to reach our whole world and bring them the message of his lordship which brings hope, stability and peace.. That's what evangelism is all about , there for our ministry goals to the sophisticated modern world and purpose to make evangelism a priority in the new world and to discover the most productive was to obediently take the massage of Christ to all while our cries out for and attractive solution to it ills.


Mr. Pervaiz Masih khukhar


Mr. Shouqat Masih