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Urdu Church Holland's 2nd Annual Convention "SEEDS OF LOVE BEARING FRUIT"

Rev: S. Eric of Urdu Church Holland talking to PCP has confirmed 2nd United European Asian Christian Convention will be held from 09 to 13 September at both Urdu Churches in Holland (09 to 11 September in Rotterdam and 12 - 13 September in Amsterdam) Convention Committee has chosen "SEEDS OF LOVE BEARING FRUIT “as title of this Annual Convention. Prominent Guest speakers and Gospel singers have been invited.

During all sessions special prayers will be offered for situation of Christian in Pakistan and for their strong faith to show that we all feel their pains and share their sorrows with our unity and love no matter how far and wherever we are.

During 5 days Convention Special programs are prepared for opening everyday's Session by very young UCH Youth Group as well as Sunday School Children will actively participate through their Worship songs, Tablos and Bible stories. Choir of UCH has also composed songs to Praise and worship our Heavenly Father during the whole convention.

Brothers and Sisters from all ages, races and groups will be warmly welcomed by the Convention Committee at free entrance with Joyful heart and open arms. Very comfortable and latest arrangements have been made available for participants attending this UEACC 2009 from outside Holland. Details are available on their website