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PPP not deserve to mark BB anniversary without arresting her killersn

LARKANA: December 21, 2011. (Nazir Siyal) Chairman Sindh National Front, Nawab Sardar Mumtaz Ali Bhutto on Wednesday said that how the PPP jiyalas commemorate the anniversary of Benazir Bhutto’s martyrdom on the fourth year tenure in their own government instead of catching her killers, meantime they have rewarded them with ministerialships and other benefits and awards. 

Bhutto said they promised all the people by roti, kapra aur makan, but have given them only hunger, poverty and destitution. PPP rulers have spent billions of rupees from public funds on the tomb at Garhi Khuda Buksh Bhutto, out of which they have pilfered at least half the amount along with contractors and executing companies, just as they have done with the funds allocated for development works in Larkana.

He said this is no longer a secret and there will be accountability, added that when Zardari and an army of ministers arrive in Naodero or Garhi Khuda Buksh Bhutto, life becomes a misery for the people of the area because thousands of personnel of various law enforcement agencies surround the whole area for several miles and impose virtual curfew. 

SNF Leader said, If the rulers feel that their lives are in such danger then why do they step out of their bunkers? adding that it is also a fact that half the police and other security forces of the country are deployed in guarding VIP’s, because of which people have negligible security of life and property and even Karachi, which is the heart of Pakistan, has become a hub of crime, the responsibility for which lies on the shoulders of the rulers.

He said this government is a source of nothing but harm for the nation and each day it remains in power causes irreparable damage to the people. In such circumstances, if the two main opposition parties, PML-N and PTI, fail to take joint action to remove this government, then the responsibility for the fate this country might suffer will fall on their shoulders.