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Sindhi Sangat holds protests against religious extremism and illegal immigrants

Badin: July 27, 2017. (PCP) Sindhi Sangat Sindh held protest rallies and staged demonstrations in district headquarter Badin, Matli and Talhar against growing religious extremism, illegal immigrants and killings of Sindhi people in tribal conflicts in Sindh, Pakistan. Demonstrators raised slogans against discrimination, exploitation of natural fiscal resources of Sindh, forced conversions of Sindhi Hindu girl, influx of illegal immigrants and killings of Sindhi people in tribal conflicts.

Responding the protest call given by the central chairman of the Sindhi Sangat Sindh Mansoor Khaskheli, activists of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh held protest rallies and staged demonstration in district headquarter Badin, Matli and Talhar against growing religious extremism, influx illegal immigrants and killings of Sindhi people in tribal conflict in Sindh, Pakistan.

Demonstrators held rally in front press clubs district Badin. Leaders of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh Ahmed Baloch, Shahmer Qambrani, Zulfiqar Sindhi, Zameer Ahmed, Rizwana Memon, Farzana Shah and others headed protest rallies and demonstrations.

Addressing to the public and talking to the media Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh leaders has said historical secular society of Sindh is under a ruthless attack of religious extremism, religious extremist organizations are being nurtured and facilities to counter Sindhi nationalist, secular movement, The rise of religious extremist sectarian and militant groups has started to destroy the fabric of Sindhi society. Sindh was not strong hold of religious extremist outfits, until the Afghan Jihad and Iranian revolt in the 1980. Iran also spreading religious extremism and fanning sectarian hatred in in Sufi and Secular Sindh. There are numerous madrassas in rural Sindh and many of them are located on both sides of Indus River, the mushroom growth of madrassas are serious threats because they are promoting extremism and violence in Sindh. The madrassa phenomenon is giving birth to new waves of religious and sectarian hatred that has always been intertwined with outside influx of population into Sindh.

There is also an unfortunate growing negative trend of forced religious conversion Sindhi Hindus girls in Sindh, a number of cases have recently increased in which girls from the Hindu community are forced to convert, this is a serious threat to secular color of Sindhi society, an increase in faith-based violence, especially in Sindh in the past few years has compelled members of the Sindhi Hindu community to migrate to other countries, The frequency of kidnapping Sindhi Hindus for ransom has also risen alarmingly in recent years, forcing many families to migrate to India and other countries. The Hindu community has been in Sindh for the last 1,000 years they are son of soil, they’re backbone of economy of Sindh but today son of soils are being target of religious extremist.

It is high time for political parties, civil society, enlightened religious scholars and media to act together to prevent such insanity in Secular Sufi Sindh. There is no place for religious extremism in Sindh. Extremists have destroyed peace in Sindh. Sufi culture and the peaceful environment of Sindh were deliberately damaged with help of religious extremists. The Sindh had always given the message of peace, love and humanity, but the presence of extremists in the province was pushing it into darkness. Unfortunately Religious extremist internationally banned outfits are still operating openly and with total impunity not only in Sindh but exporting terrorism abroad.

Sufi shrines are attacked, Sindhi Hindus are victims of religious extremism and forced religious conversion is still continue in Sindh, every year thousand girls of Sindhi Hindus become victims of forced conversation. Sindhi Hindus are forced to leave their mother land Sindh. Not only Sindhi Hindus but other religious minorities Christians are also worst victims of religious extremists in Pakistan. Federal and provincial government failed to protect religious minorities Hindus and Christians in Pakistan.

Addressing the crowd leaders of Sindhi Sangat Sindh further said illegal immigrants living in Sindh causing demographic changes in Sindh, mega projects like Zulfiqarabad and Bahria town are being built to settle expats in Sindh and we fear that indigenous population of Sindh might be turned into minority in their own motherland. Influx of illegal immigrants in Sindh is rising continuously and people of Sindh have serious concern regarding it though the federal and provincial government have turned blind eye to this issue. Illegal expats living in Sindh are involved in local crimes and they are burden on economy of Sindh. People of Sindh will not accept any conspiracy against their notional existence.

Leaders of Sindhi Sangat Sindh and Sindhi Nari Sangat Sindh further said According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Shikarpur’s coordinator report more than 1,050 people have been killed in tribal clashes in the past few years, as many as 1,566 people lost their lives in tribal conflicts during the 2010-2014 periods in Sindh, unfortunately during the dictatorial regime of General Zia ul Haq the social condition of Sindh was manipulated, tribal clashes escalated, because General Zia ul Haq gave unconditional powers to feudal lords in Sindh. Before partition Shikarpur district was business center for South East Asia now a days it is only a district in Sindh where more than 10 tribal clashes are going on. Tribal clashes have paralyzed society and undermine socio economic development in upper Sindh. Tribal clashes also limit economic opportunities for young Sindhis because certain districts become no-go zones for members of warring tribes. Unfortunately so called Secular liberal ruling PPP has also empowered tribal, feudal chieftains in Sindh. Sindhi Sangat Sindhi strongly condemns atrocities against religious minorities in Pakistan. Appeal international community and Human Rights organizations to take serious notice of growing religious extremism in Sindh, Pakistan. Sindhi Sangat Sindh demands influx of illegal immigrants in Sindh must be stopped; government must take immediate steps to expel illegal immigrants and out siders from Sindh.