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ASC condemns the terrorist attack against a Sikh family in Bangalore, India

USA: August 9, 2017. (PCP) The American Sikh Council (ASC) is shocked at the ghastly crime which took place on August 2, 2017 by a bunch of Hindu thugs terrorizing a Sikh family which included assaulting a Sikh mother and her two adult sons in broad daylight in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

A retired Sikh Army officer Col R.S.Uppal, whose wife and two sons were assaulted fracturing one son’s jaw with many broken teeth, the other beaten badly by blunt objects and threatened with death, while the police mocked the victims instead of arresting the assailants.

In desperation, after the initial inaction of the local police, Col R S Uppal (retd) wrote a letter to the Akal Takt Jathedar, "My son Harmeet Uppal was brutally assaulted and he suffered multiple facial fractures and a broken jaw. He had to undergo a 5-our surgery and has six plates in his mouth. He was also hit on the chest, head, back and limbs. My younger son, Harpreet Uppal, suffered multiple blunt injuries on head, chest, face, back and limbs."

Harmeet Singh Uppal stated that his family had been getting threats from people, who were pressuring them to sell their property and leave the city immediately. "We have met everybody in the Bangalore police establishment to get justice, but to no avail. Now, we have approached the Akal Takht to ensure that the culprits are booked immediately and we can live safely in Bangalore," he said.

Harmeet Singh, an IT professional having worked in US, alleged, "They threatened to break the legs of my mother Surinder Kaur and outrage her modesty. Police did nothing to safeguard us."

The victim has also mentioned that they were called 'Pakistani'. "There are three cameras on the main road which captured the assault," he stated. Despite the seriousness of the assault on the family, they were not even being provided its CCTV footage.

This is not a rare incident and nothing happens by accident in India. Thugs have always been around trying to arm twist, especially the well to do in order to usurp land and property across villages and cities of India. These thugs who happen to be Hindus have no business attacking and terrorizing innocent citizens, but have been emboldened by the extreme right wing rhetoric by the current regime of India, making the political climate miserable for all religious minorities. This type of environment will not bode well for anyone albeit especially sending a clear message to anyone who is not Hindu, i.e., that they are foreign, therefore open to the tyranny of the majority anywhere and anytime. This type of wanton attacks on religious minorities who are Indian citizens is the last thing a country like India needs as there can be serious economic consequences affecting the nations long term health.

Dr.Gurdas Singh, President of the American Sikh Council stated, “We join all other freedom and liberty loving people everywhere to condemn this heinous attack and must be united against all forms violence and terrorism especially in a country like India which touts freedom of religion and being the largest democratic country in the world.”

The American Sikh Council (ASC) offers its deepest sympathies - to the Uppal family. Our prayers are with the young injured men for a speedy and full recovery. May Almighty God lighten your burden, and grace you with hope and healing under these difficult circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of extreme stress and grief.