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JSQM appeals for recovery of picked away Sindhi Youth

Hyderabad: August 16, 2017. (BY ABBAS KASSAR) Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz(Ariser) chairman Mir Alam Mari has sent appeals to PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Senate chairman Raza Rabbani and Sindh chief minister Murad Ali Shah for recovery of more than 60 Sindhis whisked away by unknown personnel and forcibly disappeared.

In separate letters to each Mari has also sent details of Sindhi national workers who were missing since they’re picking up. Mari has reminded that earlier senator Taj Hyder had submitted list of missing persons yet after it many more have been whisked away and since then disappeared. Reminding them of their national duty, JSQM leader has asked them to play role to save lives of innocent abducted Sindhi youth by raising question in Senate and assemblies through their elected representatives. Syed Murad Ali Shah has been also asked to raise this issue in Apex committee meeting that why such a big number of Sindhi youth have been picked up and under what crime, he added.

Those picked up/abducted by unknown personnel who were still missing are: Punhal Saryo, Sohbat Khoso, Bakhsh Ali Mugheri, Aijaz Tunio, Hidayet Lohar, Khadim Arejo, Sabir Chandio, Ayub Kandhro, Murtaza Junejo, Raza Jarwar, Shadi Khan Soomro, Ali Ahmed Bughio, Aziz Gurgez, Insaf Dayo, Mukhtiar Almani, Bahadur Himayeti, Mehran Chandio, Muhammad Khan Vighio, Bilawal Chandio, Gulsher Tagar, Azeem Abro, Umer Uner, Sohail Raza Bhatti, Hyder Khoso, Aghar Brohi, Saif Jatoi, Asif Buledi, Jaffer Chandio, Mir Sikendar Chandio, Waqar Channa, Faqir Aijaz Gaho, Liaquat Channa, Fayaz Daheri, Farman Hingoro, Sunny Kakepoto, Aziz Mudasar Kakepoto, Nadeem Siyal, Mujeeb Cholyani, Zahid Adeeb Abro, Allah Wadhayo Mehr, Imran Jokhyo, Mohan Meghwar, Fazila Sarki, Dildar Chandio, Sajjad Shah, Mumtaz Soomro,Wali Chandio and senior journalist of Hyderabad Ghulam Rasool Burfat and others.