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Vice President of the United States Mike Pence to Keynote 2017 IDC Solidarity Dinner

Washington, DC: October 23, 2017. (PCP) In Defense of Christians (IDC) is proud to announce that Vice President Mike Pence will be giving the Keynote Address on Wednesday, October 25, at IDC’s 2017 Summit: American Leadership and Securing the Future of Christians in the Middle East. Vice President Pence will offer his remarks at 6:30PM at the JW Marriott 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC during IDC’s Fourth Annual Solidarity Dinner for Christians in the Middle East.

“Vice President Pence’s commitment to Christians and other vulnerable minorities in the Middle East sends a strong message to Christian, Yazidi, and other victim communities in the region that they are not forgotten,” said IDC Executive Director Philippe Nassif. “It is consistent with American values and interests that these communities survive in the Middle East.”

IDC’s summit program will emphasize the delivery of U.S. aid to genocide victim communities in Iraq and Syria; stability and security in Lebanon, particularly solving the refugee crisis and the disarmament of non-governmental militias; recognition of the Armenian genocide; bringing to justice the accessories of ISIS; and promoting equality and security for Christians and other minorities throughout the region.

IDC will begin its fourth annual three-day Summit for Middle East Christians on Tuesday, October 24, with a 2:00pm press conference at the National Press Club. The Summit, entitled “American Leadership and Securing the Future of Christians in the Middle East,” will feature Vice President Mike Pence, Patriarch Rai, dozens of Members of Congress, and several speakers and guests, including Carl Anderson of the Knights of the Knights of Columbus. The event is being held in partnership with the Philos Project, the Armenian National Committee of America, and the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

This year’s IDC Summit will advance five policy priorities: stability, security, and sovereignty in Lebanon; aid to victims of genocide in Iraq and Syria; recognition of the Armenian genocide; holding American allies in the Middle East to greater accountability; and identifying and punishing the aiders and abettors of the ISIS genocide against Christians, Yazidis, and others.

The crisis of minority persecution in the Middle East requires American leadership. Christians and other minorities are the friends and allies of the American people and deserve America’s support and protection, especially in the face of persecution and violent extremism.