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Arrest of Sharjeel Memon start of accountability of corrupt PPP elements says Noonari

HYDERABAD: October 25, 2017. (Our Correspondent) Arrest of former minister Sharjeel Memon is beginning of stern accountability of PPP’s corrupt ministers, advisors and Jialas.This was stated by Ashraf Noonari chairman Sindh National Tehrik here Tuesday.

He said the resources of Sindh were not so much looted by non-Sindhi invaders as were plundered by Peoples Party Waderas in name of Bhutto. Welcoming arrest of Sharjeel Memon he said prison cells for more PPP ministers and advisors were being cleaned in Karachi, Landhi, Hyderabad and Nara Jails.

Ashraf Noonari said address of Bilawal Zardari in Public meeting Hyderabad on 18 October was bundle of lies which bowed down heads of Sindhis in shame. He said Bilawal’s oration that they had carried out record development in Sindh was historic lie.

He said PPP government has only committed record corruption turning Sindh in devastation. He said 90% people of Sindh were living below poverty line while those Jialas who were selling Pakora and Lasi have made fortunes of billions which was ample proof of PPP corruption. He said SNT would work for end of corruption and would point out those involved in loot and plunder to national accountability institutions. He asked Bilawal Zardari as accountability process has started in Sindh. He must alienate himself from corrupt ministers and produce them to NAB otherwise their fate was bound to be like Sharjeel Memon.