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Letter of Dr. Stephen Gill published in a Canadian newspaper

Cornwall: November 11, 2017. (PCP) Copy of the letter by Stephen Gill published in Daily Standard-Freeholder from Cornwall, the hometown of Stephen Gill where he lives and writes. Cornwall is in the province of Ontario of Canada. It is a city of around sixty thousand citizens, and is about one hundred kilometres from Ottawa, the capital of Canada. The city of Cornwall borders New York State of the USA, and is located on the Saint Lawrence River.

Cornwall has a rich history, where Aboriginal peoples have lived. Stephen Gill in this letter expresses his belief that love is God, and the spark of eternity, and eternity is not born in time. When the waves of the ocean fuse, they drive their energy from eternity. God is unchanging; so is the love. He believes that Radha and Meera in Indian mythologies were assured of their unshakable commitment that was translated in their actions. Such a love does not force any one to go to a place of worship or a court to get assurance from the outer sources. The universe breathes in the openness of love in an egoless state. Misguided egoism wombs disgusting aberrations of love which manifest in savageries. The maniac messiahs presume their savageries to be their passports to enter paradise. Absence of love results inů