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Bhim Singh expresses shock on sad demise of P.R. Dasmunsi

New Delhi: November 20, 2017. (PCP) A dear friend, philosopher, a revolutionary by birth and a great noble friend, Priyo Ranjan Dasmunsi is no more but footprints he left behind shall always show the path towards humanism combined with total commitment to nationalism with malice to none. Prof.Bhim Singh, a youth-hood comrade of Mr. Priyo Ranjan Dasmunsi conveyed his message of condolences in these words.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party introduced to Mr. P.R. Dasmunsi by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime of India at Safdarjung Road where Bhim Singh called on the Indian Prime Minister on his return from five years long travelling on motorcycle with a peace mission. Mrs. Gandhi called Mr. Chanderjit Yadav, the then General Secretary of Indian National Congress (Incharge Youth) to her office and then Mr. P.R. Dasmunsi, the then President of Indian Youth Congress was called at Safdarjung Road, New Delhi. Prof.Bhim Singh was inducted into Indian Youth Congress by Mrs. Gandhi.

Prof.Bhim Singh was appointed President of J&K Youth Congress by Mr. P.R. Dasmunsi on the advice of Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Mrs. Indira Gandhi advised Bhim Singh to organize youth of J&K on secular footing and honest approach. Bhim Singh was expelled from Jammu and Kashmir by the Congress Government for launching a movement against corruption. Congress was ruling J&K then. Prof.Bhim Singh was appointed as Secretary-General of International Relations in the Youth Congress by Mr. P.R. Dasmunsi. Bhim Singh elevated the Youth Congress movement all over the world and strengthened relations with the Palestinian Movement and other revolutionary youth movements in Europe and Africa under the leadership of Mr. P.R. Dasmunsi.

Prof.Bhim Singh described Mr. P.R.Dasmunsi as one of the tallest youth leaders in South-East Asia. It was he with his battery of Bengal youth who saved the roots of democracy after a long struggle. Mr. P.R. Dasmunsi fell victim to a sudden disease in 2008 and could not recover in spite of all efforts to revive the great revolutionary. Had he survived he would have been seen by the world as a great revolutionary leader in South-East Asia.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed heartfelt condolences to the members of his family and to all his old surviving colleagues who would have been feeling the same what I (Bhim Singh) am feeling today. A great loss to the entire country. Lets all wish this great noble soul to rest in peace in the heavens.