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Communal disclosure of 2011 census is intriguing

New Delhi: August 26, 2015. (PCP) “Census report relating to 2011 census officially released after four years carrying communal divide of Hindus and Muslims is not only intriguing but malicious and mala fide to invoke the communal agenda of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Modi has invoked Hindutva agenda after BJP failed to make an impact in the name of Ram Mandir. Shri Modi’s downfall and decline in his popularity in a shortest period after his rise has worried Shri Modi about his future and future of his party. That was one of the reasons that a fresh scare-mongering campaign has been ignited in the largest religion in the country who is peaceful, non-violent, God fearing and above all and nationalist to the core.”

This statement was issued by Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party who is also Member of National Integration Council today from New Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar. The NPP Supremo reacting on the untimely disclosure of census report on communal basis described it as undesirable and unthoughtful as it has been done with mala fide intention least realizing that the Govt. has spent billions of rupees for propagating family planning. It has not been analyzed thoroughly that nearly 2,19,09,875 Indians, mostly Hindus, have been residing outside India or has migrated to the foreign countries according to the latest report. Nearly 1.64% Hindu population has migrated to foreign countries whereas decline in total Hindu population has been stated to be 0.7%. The census report has not taken into account the proportion of Hindus in the total population. It has also ignored the 1.64% Hindus who have migrated or settled outside India temporary or permanently.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that the whole purpose of this disclosure is done with a political interest and clear intention to create a divide between the Hindus and Muslims which Prime Minister Modi considers beneficiary to promote his lost agenda. This is a futile attempt to regain support of one community.

Prof. Bhim Singh has given a call to all universities and intellectual groups of people to study this report carefully keeping in view the national interest supreme and above electoral gains for power.