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Every elected or millitary government in Pakistan have been working on the same policey towards christians. They have been selecting any christian of their own choice as minister in federal cabinet and orgnising international tours for him to make st
Mr.Tressler, ex. millitary man was also imposed as minister on christians by the recent millitary govrnment and recently he also toured West and issued statements on different fourms that'Blasphemey Laws are not effecting christians in Pakistan,when dozens of christians are arrested under this law and waiting for their trials. Almost every walk of life orgnizations have been prot- esting againt these laws but Mr. Tresseler do not find any harm in this law.May be Mr. Tressler like his precedders shall get some benefits for his famil too,but have he ever thougt of millions of christians who have been turned as second class citizens in state and deprived of their basic rights.

Its on record that firsr forign minister of Pakistan was from Ahmadi Muslim,Sir Zafar Ullah, is role for his community shall be always written in golden words what he did on international forums to high light his community problems in west. of course our leaders negative role in this regard is very ashamefull compareing to Ahmadi muslim Leader. History shall never forgive those christian leaders who have joined ''HIS MASTERS VOICE'' because time is on head when they shall have to answer the Christian Nation for their Alleged Chosen Role against them.