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Threats of life to PCP editor.

On coverage of true situation of Christians in Pakistan by the Pakistan Christian Post, some extremist Muslim elements are threatening by e-mails and calls to kill the editor of PCP. It is very important to surface this fact that Christians in Pakist
Muslims majority have treated the Christian nation in Pakistan as second-class community and adopted measures to oppress their voice on all forums. They have not even dreamed of that Christians can establish their own media in pakistan as they have been witnessing since 1947, the independence of pakistan, that Christians having establishments in social fields through out pakistan to serve humanity are being afraid of them in founding the media of their own to raise voice on national and international forums. The bureaucracy of Pakistan have denied the issuance of NOC for press publication of PCP because it's the christian effort to print newspaper and now they plan to stop on website too, but we wish to make it very clear that no body can make the PCP afraid and force to prevent to write truth. We vow to bring the print edition of PCP soon to end the behavior of anti Christian attitude of certain fundamental portion in national press of Pakistan.

On sending threats to christian editorial members, invites the attention of Pakistan journalists associations, editors forums and publishers groups to condemn such acts by Muslims and to press upon the government of pakistan to issue relevant No Objection certificate to PCP establishment for its print edition from Karachi that christian may also play their positive role in