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Future impact of Pakistan decision to support US attacks on Taliban.

The voice of resignation of Parvez Mushraf have been raised by the religious parties of Pakistan on supporting and providing the air bases to allied forces in Pakistan in the out going attacks on Taliban regime in Afghanistan. As chief of staff of Pa
General and chief of ISI Hamid Gull, the key player to organize students of religious schools in NWFP and Balouchistan provinces as 'Taliban" and to set forth for take over the Afghanistan administration, was also a project of armed forces kept secret by the civil elected government of Pakistan at that time. May be the chiefs of Religious parties running these religious schools were even not taken in confidence during that operation of military and they were also not aware of the future scenario of the their support to armed forces to train their poor students in militant field and teaching them to declare 'Jihad' against the Islamic government of Afghanistan, having support of all groups involved in war against Russian forces.

The aims of armed forces to organize Taliban was to point the guns to Afghanistan, lying in possession of these religious parties, given to them during decade long battle fought in name of 'Jihad' on shoulders of these religious parties against Russia. The armed forces were afraid that these guns may not be used against them in future and therefore the term and ideology of 'Taliban 'was adopted by ISI. Every one in Pakistan and some around the world, may know that chiefs of most of these religious political parties have no knowledge or degree in political science from any institute, they are the innocent Muslim teachers to promote the values of Islamic teachings in pakistan society, struggling to gain constitutional guarantees for Islamic faith in state.

Some of them who enjoyed the privileges to be a parliamentarian, were never found in the involvement of corruption in the state affairs and returned back to their religious school

teachings in mosques or schools adjacent to mosques, run on public donations, when the finished their tenure in parliament, not like other corrupt leaders making millions form their public office in the government. The money and guns provided to these religious parties by western countries during war against Russia in Afghanistan was enough to taste the corrupt blood of power and material. The take over of Afghanistan government by their students called " Taliban " in local language, opened their eyes and they dreamed of to rule in Pakistan too and to implement their Islamic values. The armed forces of pakistan were also afraid that if in near future these religious political groups turn their guns toward armed forces of pakistan, it was going to be very difficult situation for them to fight against their own public, moreover, the armed forces have been using these religious groups in Kashmir to act as militant freedom fighters, to fight against Indian forces.

The decision of General Parvez Mushraf can be viewed in light of this sensitive situation, that on one hand the image of Pakistan as harboring terrorism can be ended and these religious groups can put a hold against the fear of any threat in future.

Its fact that war against terrorism by allied forces may long or short term but armed forces have been successful to save their interests for next few decades in Pakistan. Its also time for Religious parties to moderate their views duly fit in modern life and society. Its need of time that religious parties may end their protest campaigns and evaluate their acts of cooperation with armed forces and to emerge as true Muslim leadership, involve in change of individuals as true Muslims, which leads them back to those schools.