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Under Islamic Law of Evidence and Compensation, half value of fifty thousand rupees paid to Christian victims of Bahawalpur.

Whenever in any incident a Muslim in Islamic Republic of Pakistan is victimized, the administration pays the deceased family the sum of rupees one hundred thousand as compensation but victims of Bahawalpur church carnage were paid fifty thousand rupe
The discrimination on religion grounds is always denied by the government on national and international forums and the claims of equal rights to all the citizens are confirmed but recent acts of half payment to Christians is unjust and violation to the basic fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution.

The law of evidence and compensation was introduced by an ordinance by military government under president order no 4 of HUD and Prohibition of 1979 in wave of implementation of Islamic laws in Pakistan. This law was never presented in senate of Pakistan for discussion nor the National Assembly of Pakistan adopted for legislation; still the governments are acting on this as law. The said Islamic law puts the half value of non-Muslims compensation and evidence. To understand this law more effectively, it says that evidence of 2 non-Muslims is equal to one Muslim man and 4 non-Muslim women to one Muslim individual.

The Christian community in Pakistan has strongly protested against implementation of these laws in Pakistan, taking it as against the constitutional guarantees provided to them as equal citizenship in Pakistan.

The suffering and miseries of Christians after implementation of blasphemy laws legislation are on record but the follow up with those laws yet nor legislated, like law of evidence and compensation seems to be another serious threat to religious freedom in pakistan. If the government acts according to this laws, the non Muslim women shall be bared to lodge any repot of rape and abduction because the provision of two eye witnesses as per this law means the 4 non Muslim eye wittiness's of rape incidents, makes difficult to prove such abuse in court of law. Christians have also condemned the prevailing judicial system because it has double standards in practice.

The administration register the cases on their own will under Islamic laws and existing judicial laws inherited by British colonial rulers act of 1935, introduced in sub continent of India known as "India Act"Therefore we appeal the government of Pakistan to pay one hundred thousand rupees compensation to Christian victims of Bahawalpur church carnage to prove the equal rights for all the citizens of Pakistan.