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Firstly I wish to condemn in all the available stern words the killings at the Church of the Christains. This is an pure murder which is not acceptable in Islam.
Response of Asif

Firstly neither Christianity nor Islam encourages Homosexuality. The writer on Homosexuality in Toronto did not touch the Bible or Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him). He was apparently blaming certain churches. Churches, like mosques, do not necessarily represent Chritianity or Islam.

However in Asif's response he attacked Quran, Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Firstly he gave a reference of Quran (56:17) which he says that it relates to man will have young boys for sex in heaven. Please please and please Asif- good Christians DO NOT LIE and CREATE THINGS. The reference you gave is not from the Quran I repeat IT IS NOT FROM THE QURAN. Be decent please.

Do not forget that IT IS THE WESTERN FILMAKERS who made a film on Jesus (Peace be upon him) indicating he was (God forbid)a homosexual! What a blasmefy. It is only the Muslim World which condemned this film.

As regards muslim countries doing atrocities or mistreating people I agree. But again THIS IS NOT WHAT ISLAM is TEACHING THEM. THIS IS NOT ISLAM BUT SAUDI CULTURE ETC.




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