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Kidnapped Christian Women agony under Islamic Laws.

The numbers of kidnapping and abduction of christian women by the majority Muslim community members and forcibly marriage through out pakistan is more than the number of 350 in the year of 2001 as given by one religious leader in his speech at protes
When Islamic Laws were implemented in 1970 in Pakistan it was presumed that if any woman from other religion accept Islam and enters in Muslim community, her marriage dissolves automatically and no action can be taken against the Muslim community members on the reports of husbands and other relatives if the kidnapped woman is unmarried under section 366 -367 of criminal code of kidnapping. The implementation of Islamic laws created social evils in the society and influential Muslims acts of kidnapping and protecting their evil acts by forcibly marring them under these Islamic laws increased in numbers.

The agony of Christian husband, father, brother and mother became immense and they found them in torture when the authorities gave no due considerations on their complaints. The kidnapped christian women were threatened by the Muslim abductors that if they shall try to go back to their christian families they shall be charged under Blasphemy Law because if any christian converts to any other religion under Islamic Laws, he is subject to blasphemy to receive capital punishment of death sentence. It is funny that Islam does not carry with any criteria to embrace Islam and to prove Christian women that he accepted Islam forcibly is difficult when the witnesses on her accepting Islam are Muslims and Islamic Law of Evidence makes the Christian evidence less than Muslim majority member evidence.

The PCC filed a writ petition in Lahore High court for rulings christian marriage do not dissolve on such forcible conversions and marriages by the Muslims and High Court ruled that christian marriage stands valid and case can be registered against Muslim abductors under kidnapping charges and forcibly married christian women shall be sent back to his family and culprits may punished according to laws, but the parallel existing judicial system of Islamic laws protected the abductors only on pretext of conversion to Islam.

In these confused judicial systems in Pakistan the justice is not insured to the Christians of Pakistan. Its time to start the legal fights in the higher courts of pakistan that implementation of Islamic laws on minorities is un Islamic and contrary to the fundamental rights under article 8 of constitution of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan providing guarantees to religious minorities of religious freedom.