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Governor Punjab restores medical seats special quota except minorities.

Under the nose of Christian federal minority minister Col. (Rtd.) Tressler from Punjab province, having his relatives and close friends in the minority advisory committee of Punjab government, The Governor of Punjab has allowed restoration of special
The President of Pakistan have announced to introduce merit in jobs and Professional colleges admissions only two days ago and the action on the announcement can be viewed by the orders of the Governor of Punjab. The Christians reserved seats have been abolished in parliament but Muslim technocrats seats have been introduced at the same time. This sub standards policy is justified in the so called demand of certain elements against separate election system but lets discuss this issue of medical college seats first because the future is on head to clarify that demand of joint elections and abolishment of reserved christian seats were never from masses and only from that group which never seriously worked in interests of poor Christians in pakistan.

The 70% of Christian population is living in Punjab province and in the year 2002, there shall be no medical student among 1528 Muslim students. In year 2006 when these Muslim students shall step in society there shall be no Christian doctor among them and Christian shall be out of this profession. This is an example but when we collect the data of Christians in this profession, we already do not find any % in this field. From last ten years when one seat in medical was allocated to minority MNA or MPA, who were elected under separate elections, the Christian students were able to reach to medical colleges and like wise in engineering and other technologic institutes.

Now the Muslim students of Punjab have been in medical colleges by the petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan. These Muslims sons or army officers and Azad Kashmir have better education opportunities and better environment than poor Christian students.

The important question is that who shall fight for their rights in the higher courts of law to ensure justice. Where are those human right organizations, Ngo and conferences, spending millions of foreign funds on challenge of the separate elections in higher courts but they turned their eyes from such help to those deserving students who were getting few seats in professional colleges on the quota of their elected representatives. Truly speaking the sons, daughters and relatives of these so called human right activist can seek admissions in foreign countries on their contacts and settle abroad, so, their interest in the poor christian students is negative.