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Brutal murder of Daniel Pearl

The sad news of killing of Wall Street Journal was heard around the world. The news of brutal murder of Daniel Pearl by the militant groups at the time when government of Pakistan have declared strong measures against the terrorist groups and banned
The government also announced that Kashmir cell of secret agencies have been directed to stop working in Pakistan which provides strong evidence that government agencies have the complete record of profiles of all the militants from their training to operation in Afghanistan and Kashmir duly collected as routine official procedures of such establishments. The contacts of some officers of government agencies have been surfaced during the preliminary investigations of Daniel Pearl case in the kidnapping and murder. It was possible for the government to make quick check on the contacts of militants to avoid the sad incident of murder of Daniel Pearl and to apprehend the suspects and the involved in the kidnapping of tourists in Kashmir few years back. The kidnapping and killing of Daniel Pearl can be an attempt to defame the efforts made by government against terrorism and drag the government on mercy of such elements.

On Oct. 2001 when militants have massacred Christian worshipers at Bahawalpur and Jaish-e-Mohammad was pointed to be involved in that incident but unfortunately culprits were never brought to justice and investigations prolonged without any result. The announcements were made by authorities at that time too that culprits shall be brought to justice like the murder case of Daniel Pearl but it seems that there are some hidden administrative tools in Pakistan which direct the events to managed conclusions to supersede the authorities on the floor of house.

We extend our grief and sorrow towards the family members of the Daniel Pearl and pray for the government of Pakistan to take control of the situation to eliminate terrorism from this land of pure that country may regain respect and honor among the international community and peace may prevail in society being eminent factor to integrity, solidarity and prosperity of Pakistan. Again we condemn the brutal murder of Daniel Pearl and demand the immediate arrest of the killers.

Nazir S Bhatti.