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Majority votes says that Government agencies or Muslim militant groups martyred Bishop John Joseph.

On anniversary of martyr Bishop John Joseph, PCP published exclusive reports on the facts behind the assassination of Bishop John Joseph and gathered the votes of general Christians. The Christians of Pakistan still do not believe in the reports that
Bishop John Joseph was Christian spokesman on national and international forums and government of neither Pakistan nor the extremist militant groups in Pakistan liked his voice against the blasphemy laws. The Christian social, religious and political elements used his contacts and funds for their personal benefits and came up to verge of blackmailing him during the last few years of his assassination. When government agencies viewed that team around his holiness Bishop John Joseph is corrupt, they moved on his killing plans with the knowledge of those Christian elements that Concorde story may be put forward the people of Pakistan of suicide of one courageous religious leader to end campaigns against Islamic laws in Pakistan.

In the light of this peoples voice we again demand the government of Pakistan to establish an independent commission to investigate the killing of Bishop john Joseph and to bring the culprits before justice.