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65% vote to cancel liquor distribution permits on religious grounds in Pakistan.

In recent survey of polls by the PCP on cancellation of liquor permits issued to Christian community on grounds that Christianity allows consumption of liquor by the government of Pakistan. The 65% voted in favor of put ban on distribution of liquor
This is the report of only one outlet in Pakistan and we have presented the survey report of this shop in particular because it is situated in the heart of cantonment vicinity of Rawalpindi where the general headquarters of armed forces of Pakistan are in view and at minutes walking distance along with many other military offices. It means that this area is always under strict security and surveillance by all the government agencies. The presence of excise and area police station police in the surroundings of shop is also not be ruled out in the liquor shop. It means that this liquor shop within the most sensitive area of country and government is fully aware trafficking at this store of Flash mans Hotel. Moreover in the night time the liquor store is closed officially but 700 cars stopped to buy the liquor from the same place provided by the same morning shift of illegal employees of liquor store owner, hiding the liquor bottles in grass of the courtyard of store. They were found busy in selling liquor to these Muslim car owners in dark too. It's for information and record that only 0.02% of Christian population is well of to purchase cars to ride in Pakistan, therefore all the car owners purchasing liquor can supposedly Muslims.

It is also in notice of government which they can not deny that majority of Muslims is consuming these liquor then why they insist to keep such out lets in the name of minority when Christian leaders have clarified on many occasions that they do not consume this alcohol and beer in their religious rituals or prayer services as stated in the president order no.4 of prohibition and Hudd of 1979.

Therefore we demand again that liquor permits may be cancelled immediately on religious ground and open distribution of liquor may be declared legal in market if he is not using the poor minorities as backdoor to supply liquor to Muslim members of majority and save the profitable liquor business in Pakistan with under table investments and shares of government officials in this industry.

Nazir s Bhatti.