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Kashmiri Muslims, A religious Minority in India, on Agenda of Vajpayee and Mushraf Summit. What About Christian and Ahmadi Religious Minorities in India and Pakistan.

It is a fact that Kashmir is not on top of the agenda of recent summit of prime minister of India and president of Pakistan. The Muslims living in Kashmir, a minority in India and majority in Kashmir, having Islam as common religion between Pakistani
There has been couple of wars on the self-determination rights of Kashmiri Muslims. The major reason of militant Muslim groups, religious parties and government concern about Kashmiri Muslims is their position of religious minority in the state where Hindus are in majority and Islam treats them as 'kafirs'. There is a Muslim chief minister duly elected by Muslim voters, the Muslims are with high and privileged profile in political, economic and social fields of India and still the sympathy unto extent of war on this is waste of national resources and push the country to verge of further economic disaster. It's in best interest of people of Pakistan to stress upon on reaching agreement to prevail friendly relations between two neighborly countries.

The Christians and Ahmadi religious minorities are facing immense problems due to 4th amendment in constitution of Islamic republic of pakistan of 1973, the article 203 D of constitution, implementation of hadood laws with other Islamic laws and more over the blasphemy laws, their victimization and human right abuses have created impressions of insecurity of life and property and respect in the society, the articles pertain fundamentals rights of article 8 and on in the constitution have lost their spirit in prevailing situation.

On other hand the incidents of burning missionaries to death and attack on churches in recent years damaging the secular image of India in international communities and the Hindu Muslim riots are very important to be on the agenda of this summit.

It carries weight that Parvez Mushraf before departing for summit may announce the repeal of blasphemy laws and provision of safety and security for Christians and Ahmadi minorities of Pakistan that he may be in better position to put up the situation of Kashmir Muslims in the summit.

The minorities in Pakistan have always worked for solidarity, integrity and prosperity of Pakistan. No body can point out any christian involvement in anti state activities or matters of national security, even they never supported by any slogan or writing in favor of visiting christian team in any sport event nor they have any involvement in drug or land mafia in Pakistan. So, they require the love and harmony of majority citizens of Pakistan to enjoy privileges of state nor the hat rate and attempts to set them aside from mainstream of society and solutions to their social, political and economic problems.

Nazir S. Bhatti.