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Motives behind this new All Pakistan Minorities Alliance?

Bishop Joseph Coots of Faisalabad dioceses wrote letters to many Christian leaders abroad that its not true that he is not generous to help poor Christians and organizations on funding list of the diocese but its truth that he have no funds in dioces
Now when Bishop John Joseph is not with us and Bishop Coots have openly declared that he is without funds, the new alliance have been formed to involve the other denominations to provide funds to CLF but unfortunately in the said meeting of this Alliance on 14 July at Islamabad, there is no other name of the participants of this alliance instead of one new chairman again who is already president of CLF. In past the CLF have been claiming the sole representation on minorities and denying the formation of any united platform in Pakistan which seems surprising now. There fore its very important that names of the parties and persons present in this meetings may be surfaced and structure of the alliance body may be issued for general information's of the Christians.

The fate of World Minorities Alliance with one man show is before us and Christian community have no power to bear this one man show in All Pakistan minority Alliance without the participation of true and dedicated Christian groups in Pakistan any more.

Nazir S Bhatti