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52% say no to Karachi YMCA University Project under present administration when 39% say yes to them.

We are discussing the letters from Mr. Arshad Rehmat, ex administration functionary of Karachi YMCA and Mrs. Leo on the question put for quick vote on the YMCA university project. Mr. Arshad Rehmat is of view to expand the works of YMCA to the Christ
He explains that due to participation of the general Christians in YMCA the Sindh government failed to take over the property of YMCA for the construction of New Sindh secretariat on the property and hesitations to renew the lease of the said valuable property. His concerns are on the limited membership of the one family in YMCA, which are only 43 now to elect the 25 Board members instead of thousands of active members comparing to the total of 1985. He writes that Karachi YMCA university project shall be the project of one family and their friends who have captured this esteemed institution for their vested interests. Mr. Arshad Rehmat is of opinion that present administration is not worthy to commission this university project and Christians fear that the present unconstitutional administration shall turn this establishment for long time as their own property instead of YOUNG MEN CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. He explains that in the present 43 members there are no young or young adults as active members. He wishes that its important that 5000 active Christians bared from membership may be invited to seek membership again to elect the new board of directors to decide the university project.

Mrs. Leo seems to be any western women and we failed to get his profile by frequent fails to her but still we feel perfect to present her views to our readers. Being foreigner she is not fully aware of the situation and background of the persons in the present administration of YMCA. Therefore she insists that university project shall become operative as soon as possible and administration can be changed at any time if not found acting accordance with by laws of the YMCA. She also points on the reach of general Christians to the computer facilities to vote on this question.

These are the two selected letters from the many letters written from our readers but we again request the Karachi YMCA administration that membership of the YMCA may be open for general Christians to make the present administration a credible board in the views of Christians. We also hope that attitude of international university shall not be adopted in this university and Christian students shall be priority now in admissions and privileges.