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Under Islamic laws of compensation, Deceased Taxila Christian nurses get 100,000 Rs. each comparing half to the Muslim women.

The claims of the government seem baseless that there is equality among all the citizen of Pakistan when the one Christian federal minister in this military government approached the families of the six nurses, killed by the terrorist attacks at Taxi
The laws of compensation and evidence is one of the major factor to turn the Christians to be the second class citizen when their compensation and wittiness is not equal to the Muslims but half in any court of law in Pakistan. The law of compensation goes further stating that if any Muslim man rapes and abducts any Christian women, the witness of the Christian victim is only valid when four Christian women or two male Christian submit the eye witness evidence to the rape and abduction, on other hand in the case of abduction and rape of any Muslim women the wittiness of one Muslim male or two Muslim females is acceptable to register the case with relevant police stations for the legal action. The laws of compensations and evidence effect the life of Christians in daily routine and that was the reasons the repeal of these laws stood on number two after the blasphemy laws in the demand of the Christian community in Pakistan.

The worst part of this scenario is that one Christian who is federal minister in government have distributed this compensation feeling any ashamed on his part to pay the half price of compensation according to this Islamic law of compensation. The tragedy with the 15 million Christians of Pakistan is the tout leadership, imposed on them by the government and the churches in Pakistan. These so called leaders have no knowledge of political science and no vision of the future of the Christians in the Pakistan. The true leadership of Christians in Pakistan is without the funds and therefore without the required coordination among them. That's the reason the true voice of Christians on any issue is never heard on the media or forums in Pakistan. The issue of election system or implementation of Islamic laws on minorities is always taken as un Islamic and threat to their constitutional rights in Pakistan but the voice of these true leadership of Christians is always neglect but the time is on head when the youth shall take over to kick these opportunist out of this political field and to raise the voice of Christians on every platform. Then there shall be not the half compensation of minorities but the equal to the majority of Muslims in the state.

Nazir S Bhatti.