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Judgments and Hearing of Christian Marriages and Divorce cases by Muslim Nazims of City Governments against personnel Laws.

It appeared in section of press that Nazism’s and Naib Nazism’s of newly elected City Governments in respective districts shall hear the cases of marriages and devoice instead of family Court Judges. It seems very interesting when most of these N
To think over that the cases of marriage and divorce of Christian shall be in the hands of these Muslim Nazism’s and Nab Nazism’s or duly appointed Muslim by these city government is Unacceptable to Christians, Keeping, in view their demands in past to appoint Christian Judges in the family courts to hear the cases of Christians and pass decrees on them to safeguard their Personal laws in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. what is Christian personal laws? It is very important issue to he brought in the notice of these elected City Government administrators (Nazim). In this regard, to follow the legal the books ‘Christian marriage laws’ can view aspects and’ Christian divorce laws’ written by prominent Christian leader and jurist Emmanuel Zafar advocate, an elected member of parliament of Pakistan, writer of Commentary on Constitution of Pakistan. It is also very important for the record; the Rulings of Lahore High Court that Christian marriage do, t dissolve, even by Change of religion and couples commit adultery by Second marriage subject to punishment according to law.

The high Court ruling were on a case by a Christian husband whose wife was forcibly converted to Muslim religion by a powerful Muslims married later on and Christian husband prayed to the honorable Courts to arrest that Muslim Under Kidnapping Charges, to his healthful young Christian wife, when the relevant Police station refused to lodge first information report of abduction and Kidnapping. The ruling of Lahore High Court were never legislated in Pakistan Penal Code and nor any Social, Religious and Political leader pressed upon Government to adopt such measure. But now, when the Christian Councilors are present in these so called Assemblies of City Government, to present motions, to Bar Muslim Nazism to even hear the cases of Christian Divorce and set the Christian Couples apart, like Muslim Couples, when Christianity dot support the divorce and nor the Christian marriage can he dissolved according to the high court rulings. This can also put an end to the force able conversion to Islam of Christian woman and to forcibly marry them by Muslim.

This is the very important issue and very right to seek Comments of the Christian leaders by Government of Pakistan. Every City Government Nazism may be directed to appoint a Rev. Pastor for the Counseling of Christian Couples to resolve the marriage disputes according to Christian teachings. This can he a step a head to safe guard the Christian Personal law in Pakistan and guarantees of freedom in religion and speech as provided by the fundamental provisions of constitution of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan.