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Muslims Forced Hotel to cancel Symposium on Peace. PCP Report.

Canada. Feb. 17. A symposium was scheduled at Walper Terrace Hotel in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada on February 1, 2003. Dr. Stephen Gill was going to speak on the besieged Christians of Pakistan. Rev. Mark Hardy, a prominent evangelist from Canada and John McTernan, a reputable author of books from the United States, were among the other speakers who were going to talk about peace in Islam. It was a well-publicized event that was being sponsored by the Church of Exhortation. The other person who was closely associated with this symposium was Dr. Albert Faltas, a pharmacist who was born in Egypt. There was going to be a session for the audience to ask questions.

A group of intolerant Muslim did not want this symposium to be held. This group compelled the management of the hotel to cancel the booking for the symposium. The organizers were informed of this decision only a night before the symposium was going to be held. The management through their lawyer announced in the media about the cancellation.

On the day of the symposium the doors of the hotel were locked for the participants. At the time of symposium, a group of Muslims gathered outside the hotel on the road with posters and speakers. Police also came.

A question arises if freedom for self-expression as recognized by the Declaration of Universal Human Rights and rectified by Canada and explained in the Guide to Freedoms is under attack in Canada?

The topic of Dr. Stephen Gill's talk was "the Besieged Christian of Pakistan." The text of this talk of about one hour is available on a CD now. This CD would be extremely helpful to those Pakistani Christians who seek asylum abroad. It would be extremely helpful also to those lawyers who handle the cases of asylum as well as to all those who are interested in knowing what is happening to minorities, particularly to Christians, in Pakistan. Christians are urged to present a copy of this CD to their parliamentarians and Pakistani and non-Pakistani friends to make them aware of what is happening within that nation of Muslims.


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