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J.Salik Demands for immediate cancellation of the summer vacations of Federal Sheriat Court

Islamabad. July 10, 2005. On the tune of National Anthem, Muslim Christian joint solidarity prayer and smoke of Loban, Muhammad Tufail,
butcher slaughtered a healthy black goat on the heap of Ashes on which J.Salik has been sitting for the last many weeks. The goat was covered with black cloth painted in red was “Oh God! Protect Pakistan against Evils of injustice”.

Dr Ehtasham Anwar, AC Islamabad happened to be present on the occasion, who informed that he was not on duty but came there only on humanitarian ground.

Former Federal Minister, nominee for Nobel Peace Prize and Chief Organizer Pakistan Human Rights Party, J.Salik who against the present system of election against the seats reserved for minorities in the National Assembly had filed a writ in the Supreme Court had withdrawn it as its hearing date had been scheduled after the last elections.

After that he had filed a writ before the Federal Sheriat Court with the hope that he as a non-Muslim (being Christian) would get early relief there. This petition was admitted 3 years ago but as the full bench was short of a judge, no action could be taken and the petition remains pending since then.

J.Salik who, for the last 31 days has been in yellow parachute dress, ashes in his head for last 17 days his wounded leg, blood spots on his dress crossed over his house boundary wall and reached the premises of the federal Shariat Court, the security guards rushed towards him and desired to disclose his identity. However J.Salik only that morning had got painted on his parachute dress “J. Salik, Former Federal Minister – Pakistani nominee for Nobel Peace Prize – five times elected representative”.

When J. Salik requested for withdrawal of his writ petition, the officiating registrar told that the judges were on summer vacations and that the court observes two months vacations upto September and that withdrawal of his earlier petition would be decided only on reopening the Federal Sheriat Court.

He strongly condemned the murder of justice in the courts of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in such a way. He said that when he was a Federal Minister, he had advised the prime minister for withdrawal of the privilege of observing summer vacations by the courts. He had also proposed (copies enclosed) for continues working of the courts and administrative offices in two shifts for immediately elimination of the crimes by punishing the criminals at once. He emphatically demanded for immediate cancellation of the summer vacation of Federal Sheriat Court.