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Little chance for minority candidates to become MPs: Christians resent joint electorate

Dawn Report GUJRANWALA, Jan 17: Leaders of the local Christian community criticized the government for abolishing separate electorate. Speaking at a news conference here on Thursday, former MNA and Bishop Dr Rufin Julius said it was injustice to th
He rejected the government claim that the decision had been taken to give equal rights to minorities. If the government was sincere in its efforts, it should amend the constitution to allow a minority community member to become president of Pakistan.

He criticized the government for amending the constitution without any lawful authority and said the National Assembly was the real forum having the right to amend the constitution.

He said the government did not take leaders of political parties and minorities into confidence before making changes in the election system.

Dr Julius demanded that special seats for minorities in the National Assembly should be restored like women and technocrats.